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Reference Books

RefDesk.com The Single best source for facts on the Net 

Refdesk.com - The single best source for facts on the Net

Your DIctionary the webs pre-eminent language portal

Your Dictionary.com recognized as the web's pre-eminent language portal

General Business Information

Reference the worlds newspapers 

an easy to use tool for referencing the world's newspapers.

Where to start and run your business 

Where to start and run your business

The most prominent US publisher of self-help legal aids 

Nolo.com - The most prominent U.S. publisher of self-help legal aids

MarketingSherpa is a research firm publishing real-life Case Studies, practical know-how and benchmark data on what works in marketing today.

Mail Services

United States Postal Service 

United States Postal Service

Shipping Information Needs 

We have the information you want for all of your shipping needs

U.S. Government Services

United States Small Business Administration  The U.S. Small Business Administration provides assistance to help Americans start, run, and grow their businesses

 Counselors to America's Small Businesses

Score.org is dedicated to aiding in the formation, growth and success of small businesses nationwide

IRS online tax publication IRS Online Tax Publication

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